What type of services do you provide?

Juda, Eskew & Associates, P.A. provides a full range of accounting, auditing and consulting services to condominium and homeowner associations clients throughout Florida.

What are some of the specific services?

We provide full service monthly accounting, inclusive of accounts receivable, accounts payable, account reconciliation and financial reports.  Included with the monthly services we are available to assist in budget preparation.

In addition, we provide annual accounting, auditing and tax return preparation for condominium and homeowner associations.

Furthermore we offer variety of specialized consulting services.

How are the accounts receivables (owner payments by checks processed)?

Our firm provides payment coupons and envelopes for each homeowner in order for them to send their maintenance payments to the bank’s designated lockbox for deposit of these funds on a regular basis.

We coordinate all activity with the lockbox including stop files for legal accounts and provide database access to the lockbox for processing verification purposes.

Can owner payments be done on-line?

We accept maintenance payments by credit cards and e-checks through our web-site. A processing fee does apply. The Associations bank accounts as well as the homeowner’s ledger accounts are updated daily through secured encrypted electronic downloads.  An owner account can be set up by clicking the Owner Login located at the top of every page and registering for an on-line account.

Can owner payments be done by electronic fund transfer or auto-pay?

We also provide an electronic funds transfer for those owners desiring that type of payment.  With an authorization form the homeowner payments can be automatically deducted from the owner’s bank account.

Can owners view their account on-line?

Yes, an owner can view their payment history if they set up on on-line account. An owner account can be set up by clicking the Owner Login located at the top of every page.

Who has access to see our accounts receivable records on-line?

The Board of Directors, Manager, Association’s attorney, as well as anyone else designated by the board will have direct internet access to the homeowners’ account ledgers through our secured web site.

How often do you mail delinquency letters?

The norm is that on a twice monthly basis, after the fifteenth and the last day of the month cutoffs, we mail first request delinquency letters and follow-up with second request letters at the end of the month.  However, this process will be determined by the policy of the association.

When do you submit delinquent accounts to the Association’s attorney?

We will turn the account over to the Associations attorney based on the timing policy set by the Board of Directors.

Who has access to see our financial records on-line?

The Board of Directors, Manager, as well as anyone else designated by the board will have direct internet access to financial records on-line through our secured web site.  These records include, but not limited to, financial statements, general ledgers, journals, bank statements, bank reconciliations, paid invoices, budgets and various schedules.

When are vendor checks prepared?

Upon receipt of Association’s invoices, which have been approved by the Board of Directors or the manager, as your policy so dictates, we will prepare all checks to vendors.

How do you deliver vendor checks to the association?

For association’s located in the tri-county area, the invoices will be picked up and the checks will be delivered to your association or management company based on an agreed upon schedule, through a courier service, at no additional charge. If the association is located beyond the tri-county area pick up and delivery is done by FedEx.

How do you protect and manage financial data?

Our data management uses state of the art VNWare used by 100% of all Fortune 500 companies.   All data is backed up on a continuous basis and twice daily information is replicated to a secured off-site location. We are also prepared for emergencies in the event of a natural disaster. Our system is setup so that team members can service your account from anywhere in the US if we needed to temporarily relocate.

Does your office and staff participate in the making of management decisions?

No, we make no management decisions; these are the exclusive province of the Board or Directors and the property manager. We work at the direction of the Board of Directors.

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