Please note: After a Hurricane warning is issued for Broward County we must evacuate our office space. As a precaution we turn off all servers and locate them to a safe area.

After the Hurricane has passed the landlord must inspect the building for any issues, then we are allowed to enter and bring the servers back online. Our goal is to be working as soon as possible, we ask for your patience during this interruption. Rest assured your communities records and information is backed up and accessible from multiple locations.

This is only a precaution to get back online faster in the event of a catastrophic loss. We are all in this together and we will step up and rise to the occasion as we always do.

Good luck and be safe.

Here are your emergency contacts:

Kimberly Juda – President and CEO – 954-295-6673

Mike Marcusky – Vice President – 954-295-5994

Shane White – Director – 954-540-3135