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Juda, Eskew and Associates in the COMMUNITY will be a feature blog to show how JEA is helping out the local communities of South Florida.


Broward College Computer Science and Engineering Advisory Board Meeting last week, Tuesday, May 12th. The conference room was full with over 30 attendees from industry, faculty, the student body, and administration.    

The meeting was a success, especially after receiving important industry input relating to virtualization and cloud computing for our technology degrees. In addition, several Industry Partners expressed an interest in helping with additional student-led technology and fundraising projects. Finally, members participated in an engaging discussion about (and even expressed a personal interest in) our four technology camps being offered this summer for students, grades 8 though 12. Please click here for more details about how to sign up your kids.


JEA blog Broward College May event

Our very own, Kim Juda pictured here at the meeting as an Industry Partner.


Due to overwhelming enthusiasm of board meeting particiants, we are currently in the planning process of a technology networking event that will occur later this summer.

We appreciate your commitment to Broward College, our students, and the local community.


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From the Broward Computer and Science Advantage

More info on upcoming events with Broward College HERE

Easy Ways to Connect with Residents: Technology Edition

Apartment community amenities have changed radically over the years. Back in the 70’s all you needed was a pool and a tennis court. Resident tastes are more complicated these days. Some apartment communities now place their focus on ‘comfort’ amenities, such as spa rooms and yoga classes.

Others put the focus on our four legged friends with such things as ‘doggie detail rooms’, ‘catbitats’, canine agility courses and even adding catnip to the community herb garden.

But all communities, regardless of size, know that to be successful today, you have to provide the latest technology amenities for your residents. Here are some technology amenities that residents will appreciate, and even better, make your job easier.


One technology residents absolutely will not do without these days is Wi-Fi. While there are apartment buildings that offer free Wi-Fi to all of their residents, those properties are in the minority. Most have realized that offering free Wi-Fi in the common areas of their properties (pool, clubrooms, etc.) is sufficient and can be offered in lieu of the business center. Residents can simply bring their own devices to the Wi-Fi enabled areas and just log on for access. And what pairs nicely with free Wi-Fi? Free coffee! Residents LOVE their coffee and Wi-Fi!

Online Payments

No one wants to drop a check off at the management office or go through the hassle of mailing it. Online payments are easy for the resident, who can pay anytime, anywhere. They’re even easier for property managers, who don’t have to worry about manually processing payments. Residents can even schedule recurring payments so they never have to think about a payment and you can rely on timely funds each month.

Text Alerts

When it comes to communicating with your residents, texting is the way to go. Residents are more likely to read a text message versus an email, which makes it a great way to communicate important announcements like the water will be shut off, the parking lots will be getting striped, etc. There are some of the great texting programs available these days at a reasonable fee.


E-Sign applications are a big time saver for both residents and property managers. Residents can renew their lease without the hassle of coming into the management office! They simply ‘sign’ their renewal electronically – so simple and so convenient.

Package Acceptance

Do you accept resident packages? New services are available to help you streamline this task. It will electronically notify your residents that a package is available for pickup.  Residents can electronically add “agents” to their account, allowing their roommate, loved one, assistant, co-worker, parent, etc. to securely pick up items on their behalf.

Written by Lisa Trosien. Originally posted at PayLease

Announcement: Kim Juda to serve on Advisory Board at Broward College

We are please to announce that Kim Juda has been selected to serve on the Broward College Business Department’s (Accounting, Marketing and Office Administration) Advisory Board as a Business Partner. The purpose of an advisory committee is to provide assurance, through technical assistance and resources, that an occupational training program curriculum meets the needs of
business, industry, labor, the professions, technical trades, or the community it is designed to serve. The advisory committee also ensures that the occupational training program graduates are capable of performing entry-level skills in the occupation in which they are trained. An advisory committee is a group of employers and employees, from outside the field of education, providing guidance and direction to educators on the design, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and revision of career and technical education programs. Successful advisory committees focus on innovative, quality programs. Because representatives on the committee have first-hand information concerning current business trends, technological demands, and realistic job requirements, their participation on the committee helps strengthen communication between education and the world of work.
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Announcement: Carol Eskew Elected to Board of Directors for Broward Coalition

We are please to announce that Carol Eskew has been appointed as a Board of Director, Assistant to the treasurer, to The Broward Coalition of Condominium, Homeowners Associations and Community Organizations, Inc. The Broward Coalition maintains a coordinated, focused, approach to condominium and homeowner association matters. This affords all members the opportunity to share information, improve association law, and achieve peace of mind. The Coalition, including association boards, residents and business partners, has built, and continues to expand, a community network more than several thousand members strong.
Broward Coalition

5 Easy Ideas to Connect with Residents

If you are a property manager or rental agent you know that Customer Service is the New Marketing. And I have to agree. Social media and online reviews only seem to be getting bigger and bigger…so amping up your customer service arsenal only makes sense. But what does that really mean?

For some, it means increasing your number of resident events. Our industry saw a big jump in resident event programming in 2013 and you can plan on that only getting bigger and better. Residents want to connect, not only online but in person. What can you do to help foster that connection? How about at least one monthly activity that’s focused on getting your residents to know one another, and one activity that focuses on you and your team serving your residents better.

5 Easy Ideas to Connect with Residents

  1. Ice Cream Sunday:  A make-it-yourself sundae bar for everyone at your property is always a hit. You might want to wait till the weather breaks in those colder states, but this is a guaranteed winner.
  2. Pre-Pool Party Opening: Nothing makes people feel like Winter is on its way than either a pool opening bash or a pre-pool opening bash. Shorts, tees , picnic food, limbo contests…who cares if there is still snow on the ground in your market? Give people something to look forward to and they’ll appreciate it.
  3. Gate Giveaway: Instead of the tried and true “Breakfast at the Gate”, offer something along with the goodies that makes the giveaway more memorable. How about a St. Patrick’s Day theme in March with green cupcakes? Or even McDonalds’s Shamrock Shake coupons? And if you’re a high rise, you know you just do this in the lobby since you don’t really have a ‘gate’.
  4. Pet Portraits: Give your residents a chance to have their best friend photographed in the best possible light by offering pet portraits. If you contract with a photographer, you don’t have to pay a thing, and your residents only pay if they like the portraits!
  5. Move Night: Get some family friendly flicks to show on the flat screen in your clubroom. Let the families bring the blankets and the pillows and you serve the refreshments and popcorn. Start off with something the little ones would like and maybe work your way up to some scarier fare for the teenagers and Moms and Dads (so the little ones can go home and miss the scary stuff!).

It’s important that you plan your activities well in advance so that your residents can make room for them on their calendars. The more time they have to plan, the better turnout you will get for your event.  These tips can also be used with the HOA board to bring residents together.

Written by Lisa Trosien.  Originally posted at PayLease