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One of the questions we receive over and over from our clients is the question “is a trustee or trust beneficiary eligible to run for and/or serve as an association board member?” While the question is not directly addressed in either Chapter 718, Florida Statutes (the “Condominium Act”, Chapter 719, Florida Statutes (the “Cooperative Act”) […]

Special Assessments May Provide Insured Cash Flow After Storm

Two weeks ago today, Hurricane Irma tore through in Southwest Florida. All things considered, it could have certainly been much worse. However, it was as bad as it gets for those who lost their lives, and some communities suffered relatively substantial property damage. So, over the next several weeks, this column will focus on legal […]

Community associations need to be hurricane-proof, too

As Mike Tyson said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit.” This hurricane season is confirming the need for community associations to develop the right plans, learn from their experiences and continually refine their plans. Many volunteer community association boards and their managers already know they should have date-stamped videos of their properties and […]

D&O Insurance

Congratulations! You have decided to donate your time and energy to serve on the board of directors for your community and have convinced your neighbors that you are the right person for the largely unthankful role. Guess what? In addition to the time and energy you will spend as a director, you have also taken […]

New Condo Laws Have Potential to Increase Litigation

During the 2017 legislative session, new laws were adopted which significantly change the way condominium associations are managed and operated. Many of the new provisions are well-intentioned, but raise a number of questions that remain unanswered and have the potential to increase litigation in some condominiums. This article will address two particular issues—term limits and […]

The All-In-One or Best-of-Breed Dilemma: Which Technology is Best for Your Property Management Company?

In the property management industry, there is a technology to solve almost every problem.  From paying rent online to managing packages, the industry is bursting with solutions that tackle all the tedious aspects of being a property manager. But first, you have to find the vendor that’s right for your company, and that can be a tough […]

ELSS Bill Vetoed, Condominium Bill Approved, & Final Report on Community Association Bills for 2017 Session

Governor Rick Scott has now taken action on all of the community association bills that passed during the 2017 legislative session. HB 653, Relating to Community Associations, was Vetoed.  Among other things, the bill would have allowed high rise buildings to opt out of an engineered life safety system (ELSS) with a vote of two-thirds of […]

Let Them Pay For Their Own Long Hot Showers: How Property Manager’s are Lowering Their Property’s Utility Expenses

Do you include utilities in your rent? Whether you do or you don’t, the million dollar question is why? Why not include it? The answer is rent growth. To elaborate, operators are realizing that with rapid rent growth comes a growth in supply. However, coupled with stagnant wage growth, there is a hesitancy these days […]